Mingsarn Kaosa-ard

Andrew Adam

CMU Mekong Series Center for China-GMS Studies Public Policy Studies Institute, Chiang Mai University 2009


This book is the fourth volume of the Mekong Series published by the Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University. The first three volumes in the series covered social and tourism issues in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS). This volume shifts the focus to agriculture and expands the geographic focus beyond the GMS to include all of China.

The Rockefeller Foundation project “Flying with the Dragon?” funded both the research and production of this book. The project’s primary objectives are to assess China’s role and potential in the global economy, including linkages with the GMS; study the emerging opportunities and challenges for the GMS created by its association with China; and through these share knowledge across the region and help to develop appropriate policy and cooperation.

This book would not be possible without the contribution of our research colleagues from the region, who not only contributed their own research but also helped each other improve through shared insights and criticism during the course of writing. This collaborative process has drawn on the experience and wisdom of senior academics and practitioners as well as helped to nourish and support the insights and preliminary initiatives of younger, up-and-coming researchers.

The institute is especially grateful to the Southeast Asia Regional Program (Bangkok) of the Rockefeller Foundation for their active and unwavering support, particularly Dr. Rosalia Sciortino. We would like to extend a special thanks to Jakkree Tejawaree and Korawan Sangkakorn, both indispensable behind the scenes staff, for helping to coordinate this project. Most of all, this book would not be what it is without the invaluable assistance of Sawanya Watthanasirisereekun, with her patience, formatting skills, and attention to detail.


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Feeding the Dragon: Agriculture – China and the GMS (19.7 MB, 437 downloads)

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